Eco Property Cleaners
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Hi, my name is Larysa Grant. I am the owner of Eco Property Cleaners. The company has been recently revamped and rebranded. I became obsessed with the idea of eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning solutions when my husband and I began planning for our baby. I was reading and researching about organic foods and paints, non-toxic cleaning products and shampoos. What a wealth of knowledge! I do walk the talk now. And I want you to experience a much safer home without toxic cleaning products and fumes. You and your family deserve that, don't you?! 

Eco Property Cleaners (originally called Perfection Cleaners) is a service of more than just a clean and sparkly place. It is the experience of excellence in serving you, our client! When you smile at the view of your freshly cleaned home and say, 'I love it!', you have made our day, our week, our month! We want to make sure that your home is cleaned according to your expectations. 

I came to Canada in 2005 from Ukraine. I had the privilege of working for the US Embassy and CapitalOne, owning businesses and getting a degree in psychology at York University. Let me bring my experience of twenty years in professional and entrepreneurial work to servicing you. I am a multitasker and enjoy running several successful businesses. One of my strong backgrounds is recruitment and career coaching. So when I hand-pick my cleaning experts, you may rest assured that I know they love what they do and they have the best attitude to show. My team is trained and motivated to serve you any day, every day. 

When I am not networking, meeting my clients or working on growing my businesses, I enjoy reading, watching Netflix and spending precsious time with my husband Angus and my toddler boy, Duncan.